hpc Biosciences Ltd. has several elements which distinguishes it from other agricultural companies, making it the market leader, especially in the row crop and broadacre industries..

hpc Biosciences Ltd. prides itself in using a delicate balance between the latest technology in production processes and material usages available; and practical know how..

hpc Biosciences Ltd. has a committed team that spends 80% of its time on the road throughout Northern India to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction, as well as visiting those expressing interest in our products. The team consists of fully trained experienced people who have been around the product range since each piece began..

It is due to this close contact with the customers that hpc Biosciences Ltd.has such a high success level in all improvements to designs, as well as releases of new innovations.

hpc Biosciences Ltd. continuous research and development focus assures a maximum economic benefit to each individual owner.


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